The Power of Collaboration

The Power Of Collaboration

Every leader aspires to leave his or her legacy. In its pursuit, some lead a solo journey while others collaborate and look for a win-win strategy. Some pursue an even higher threshold that is rooted in a larger cause. Such visionaries connect with individuals at a higher emotional level, where the passion for the cause propels the effort forward, connecting the individuals in a bond that has the strength to overcome difficult circumstances.

While agencies have a number of tools at their disposal to pursue the agency’s mission, one of the most under-exercised tool is the power of cross division collaboration. It can be utilized by anyone at any level of the organizational pyramid. Key agency functions (listed below) can ONLY be successful when the involved individuals bring overarching business value mindset and the power of collaboration to the heart of its operations:

  • Enterprise Architecture: It has the task of bringing the organization together and taking it forward. An enterprise architect connects the enterprise by identifying the As-Is architecture and creating the vision and path for the To-Be architecture. Enterprise Architecture can NEVER be successful a silo-ed environment as it thrives when collaboration is in full force.
  • Enterprise Risk Management: It is concerned with managing enterprise risks and capitalizing on available opportunities to deliver optimal outcomes for the organization. The entire organization has to come together to view the threats and opportunities at the enterprise level. When cross-collaboration is not in place, this becomes a paper exercise and ends up consuming organizational resources without adding any value.  
  • Project Portfolio Management: A number of studies have proved criticality of project management to the organizational success. When viewed from project portfolio perspective, the value multiplies manifold. The power of cross-division collaboration helps identify right projects with right set of requirements to enable optimal value delivery for the enterprise. Additionally, it draws the organization closer in benefit realization and creates the environment for delivering extraordinary future outcomes.
  • Governance: A transparent and enforced governance framework adds tremendous value to the accountability and motivational quotient of agency’s personnel. Such a scenario can become a norm only if the governance framework has a buy-in from all stakeholders. This is a critical factor in cross division collaboration and must be done right.

With the complexity that exists in any agency’s operations, it requires effort to navigate its web to drive transformative outcomes. However, when viewed from the visionary perspective (described above), it is an achievable task. By igniting one’s own passion and passion of others for public service, optimal agency outcomes can follow. With commitment for change at senior leadership levels, the results become remarkable. It enables citizen centric services and a move from low value to high value tasks. It enhances the overall value delivery of the agency and contributes to nation building.

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